FIRST E&P recognises the potential impact of our activities on our host communities. We will therefore actively engage our host communities to seek broad based support and as much as possible minimise and mitigate any negative impact of our operations and ensure through our social performance strategy, neighbouring communities benefit from our presence on a sustainable basis.

Our key stakeholders include, host communities, landlords, local governments, state government, Federal Governments (NNPC, NAPIMS, DPR etc.) Social Performance is the responsibility of all staff in FIRST E&P. 

To implement this policy, we will:

  • Recognise and promote social performance as an integral part of the FIRST E&P business
  • Incorporate social performance requirements into project planning and execution. 
  • Actively consult with key stakeholders and seek broad community support for our activities
  • Ensure that our social investments are sustainable and support the development priorities of our host communities and in line with government’s developmental aspirations
  • Always assess the socio-economic context of our operations to identify the potential impact, risks and opportunities for FIRST E&P and our stakeholders
  • Respect the people, local customs, beliefs and cultures of our host communities.
  • Support Health/well-being and Education charities through sponsorship and donations where possible and appropriate
  • Ensure that our contractors work for FIRST E&P positively impact the environment and communities
  • Encourage contractors and joint venture partners not directly under our control to adopt similar policy.

Social Performance