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FIRST E&P, in continuation of its GOAL ZERO+ campaign and in support of its greatest asset- people, embarked on a health & wellness focus in the month of November.

The highlight of the health and wellness month was a ‘Walk for life, health and wellness’ by most employees in Lagos HQ. The walk with the theme ‘A healthy workforce is our greatest asset’ covered a span of about ten (10) kilometres within the Ikoyi suburb of Lagos, Nigeria.

FIRST E&P employees arrived bright and early by 6.30 am and commenced with warm-up exercises and stretches in readiness for the walk. Enthusiastic employees completed the walk and engaged in additional cool-down stretches with a licensed fitness specialist for improved muscular coordination and blood circulation.

In addition, the employee-led campaign has had other activities in the month. These include daily voluntary exercise updates from employees on a dedicated platform, various health sessions on work-life balance, the importance of mental health, and one-on-one sessions with various medical specialists – a nutritionist for improved diet & nutrition, ophthalmologists for general eye evaluations, and dentists for dental health engagements.

The health & wellness campaign supports studies that demonstrate improved individual productivity when people engage in regular physical activity.

GOAL ZERO+ is FIRST E&P’s initiative to support its business priority of NO HARM to PEOPLE, ASSETS, and ENVIRONMENT.

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Juliet Ehimuan

Non-Executive Director

Juliet Ehimuan is Director of Google in West Africa. She was named by Forbes as one of the top 20 power women in Africa, by the London Business School as one of 30 people changing the world; and featured in the BBC Africa Power Women series, and on CNN Innovate Africa.

With over 25 years experience primarily in Technology, Oil & Gas, and New Media industries across Europe, Middle East and Africa; Juliet is a leading voice on Innovation, Transformation, and Leadership. She has received numerous awards for outstanding contribution to the digital landscape in Africa. Under her leadership, the Google team has made a significant impact on local content development, infrastructure deployment, and digital capacity building.

Juliet has degrees from the London Business School, University of Cambridge; and Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. She was awarded IT Personality of the Year in 2012 by the Nigeria Computer Society, Digital Personality of the year 2016 by Marketing World; and received a 2015 Titans of Technology award from TechnologyAfrica.

She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and recently published 30 Days of
Excellence, a leadership and effectiveness guide.