FIRST E&P Engages Stakeholders on Pipeline License

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FIRST E&P believes in continuous engagement with all stakeholders.  On May 6th, 2021, a public hearing session with the Bayelsa State Government under the aegis of the Bayelsa State Ministry of Lands and Survey, Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), stakeholder communities, and FIRST E&P on behalf of the NNPC/ FIRST E&P OMLs 83 & 85 Joint Venture (JV) held to engage the communities, in compliance with the Oil Pipeline Act (CAP.338) 1990 (the Act).

In line with the Act, FIRST E&P applied to the Ministry of Petroleum Resources for a license to lay pipes about 20m offshore. The Act requires a notice of objection that provides a platform for all concerned parties to discuss and raise any issues or concerns. This notice of objection was communicated on various media channels, in line with FIRST E&P’s principles of integrity and transparency. 

The next step in the engagement process was an invitation to the Public Hearing session to all relevant stakeholders by the Bayelsa State Ministry of Lands and Survey. The Ministry coordinated the hearing and declared that the application for the offshore license was compliant with the restrictions in the Act. 

FIRST E&P remains committed to continuously building positive and constructive relationships within the community and driving long-term sustainable relationships.

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